Angel Samson

SMS Counselor

Kari Brenner
HMS Counselor

Middle School Students’ Developmental Needs

Middle school is an exciting, yet challenging time for students, their parents and teachers. During this passage from childhood to adolescence, middle school students are characterized by the following:

  • a need to explore a variety of interests

  • a desire to connect their learning in the classroom to its practical application in life and work

  • high levels of activity coupled with frequent fatigue due to rapid growth

  • a search for their own unique identity as they begin turning more frequently to peers rather than parents for ideas and affirmation

  • extreme sensitivity to the comments from others

  • a heavy reliance on friends to provide comfort, understanding and approval

Middle School Counseling Program

Middle school counselors are certified professional educators with a Master’s Degree in counseling. They help students understand themselves, make the best of their abilities, and make plans and decisions for their future. Counselors help students achieve success in school by providing individual and small group counseling and classroom guidance lessons, consulting with grade level teaching teams, conferring with the principals and communicating with parents.

A student can be referred to the school counselor by a teacher, principal, parent, or self. Counselors work to schedule sessions with students that do not interfere with their academic lessons. All information that is shared with the counselor is kept confidential unless the student’s well-being is in danger or the student wants the information shared.