Monday Morning Motivator

Every Monday morning, students at Lincoln Elementary come together as a Lincoln family to celebrate good things that are happening at the school. This is Monday Morning Motivator. Students and teachers start by saying the pledge. Mrs. Gatzemeyer shares about the schedule for the week. She talks about different students and teachers celebrating them with rewards and recognition. Students sing the school song and then Mrs. Gatzemeyer tells students, “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind. And if you think no one cares, think again.” 

    Before Mrs. Gatezmeyer was a principal, she worked at a different school as a teacher.  The principal at that school did Monday Morning Motivator and Mrs. Gatzemeyer thought it would be a good idea to do this at Lincoln. She thinks that Monday Morning Motivator is a time to come together as a Lincoln family and set the tone for the week. She said, “I want everyone to know that they are an important part of the school.”

    Second graders Felix, Lincoln, and Cheyenne think Monday Morning Motivator is a fun and happy time. They all like the school song, and the birthday tokens or SOAR slip drawing tokens to get a book from the book vending machine. Speaking of the book vending machine, students pick books like I Survived,  Wings of Fire, Baby-Sitters Club, Thomas the Train, A to Z Books, or Diary of a Pug. Mrs. Gatzemeyer is trying to get more graphic novels for kids. If you are interested in donating to the book vending machine contact Mrs. Gatzemeyer.