Lincoln’s STEAM Lab

Have you ever heard of a STEAM Lab? STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The point of the STEAM Lab is teaching students how to create and problem solve. According to Mrs. Gatzemeyer the reason students have a STEAM Lab is because it is important “having the feeling inside of them that they are creative and they can make something that somebody had never made before.” 

There are a variety of things in the STEAM Lab like Osmos, a green screen, Ozobots, and VR goggles. There is technology and science too. The popular things to do in the STEAM Lab are magnet tiles and kinetic sand. Some of the time students choose their activity and other times teachers have specific things for the students to do. 

A group of teachers decided to create the STEAM Lab using a room that wasn’t really being used for anything. The STEAM Lab used to be the makerspace room which is near the office in the school. It’s not near the classrooms so they don't distract the students from learning. There is going to be a Lego wall because the school used to have a Lego board but it was too big, bulky, and tall so a lot of kids had a hard time reaching it. With a Lego wall all of the students can reach it. 

Magnet tiles

Kinetic sand