Gaga ball

Have you ever heard of this cool game that the students at Lincoln Elementary are playing called gaga ball? Gaga ball is a variation of dodgeball. The goal in gaga ball is to be the last one standing. You hit the ball with your open hand and you get out by getting hit from the knee and below. Mr.Roth, Lincoln’s PE teacher said, “It’s a great game to get everyone involved.” Gaga ball got its name because gaga is Hebrew for touch touch. The game was brought to American camps by Jewish counselors.

 Mrs.Gatzmeyer, Lincoln's principal, brought up the idea for gaga ball at a PTA meeting. They thought it would be a great way for lots of kids to be active during recess. Lincoln's chocolate fundraiser made over $7,000, which was more than enough money to put up a gaga ball pit during the summer. 

There is a gaga ball pit at Lincoln’s playground, and now there is also one at Frontier Park. There is a very small difference between the two pits. The difference is that the one at Frontier Park is just a little bit smaller for the younger kids.

Gaga ball in action

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