Robbin Sieler pictured in the District Service Center

ABERDEEN, S.D. – For Robbin Sieler, being an educational assistant with the Aberdeen Public School District is both a rewarding career and a chance to work at her child’s school.


“It was a blessing last year,” said Sieler, who was able to carpool to work with her daughter, a Central High School junior.


Sieler’s position as an EA has also taken her to Mike Miller Elementary, and currently, the TLC classroom at the District Service Center.


“I love it,” she said. “It is a very, very, very rewarding job. And it’s so nice to grow with the kids. …. I never knew I would enjoy going back to school!”


Openings Available


Educational assistants are critical positions in classrooms, and there are currently a number of openings across the school district.


“It’s very fun and important, and Nicole (Olson), our boss, is amazing,” Sieler said. “And the teachers are so wonderful; they're there to help.”


Great Job for Parents


It’s also a great job for a parent, she said, since you work the same schedule as their school hours.


“It was really nice,” said Sieler, who is also mom to a seventh grader at Holgate Middle School.


For anyone considering working as an EA, Sieler urges them to go for it.


“I would encourage it, especially if you have kids,” she said. “You get to know their friends, you get to know what they're doing at school. You don't realize how much you miss out when you're not at school. It's so rewarding. And the people I've worked with have been just wonderful all the way around.”


Apply Now


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