The Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation offers a variety of grant programs:  

  • Class of 1974 Student Needs Grants (no deadline)
    Provide for K-12 student needs (apparel, personal items, etc).  

  • Fulton Lickfelt Memorial Grant (no deadline)
    Assist current CHS students whose financial situation prohibits them from participating in High School co-curricular activities.

  • Buz Potter Memorial Grant (no deadline)
    Assist current CHS students whose financial situation prohibits them from fully participating in musical programs, events or activities.

  • Class of '49 Rising Scholars Book Grant (no deadline) - turn in form and receipts to Shelly Sutton) 
    Assist CHS students taking dual credit classes with book expenses up to $50/class.
    Book Grant Form

  • Science Research Endowment Grant (January 15 grant deadline)
    Provide grants for students of Aberdeen Central High School to support training of CHS students in scientific research.

  • Speech and Debate Grant (no application, selected by committee)
    Provides current CHS speech and debate students the chance to further develop their skills by enrolling in summer institutes.

  • Alonzo Ward III Grant (no application)

    Provides funding for culinary arts and restaurant management programs

In addition to these grants, the Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation's Innovation Partnership and District Collaboration grant programs are designed to support innovative/creative projects with the goal of enhancing the tradition of excellence in Aberdeen Public Schools.


The Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation upgraded and remodeled its Mini-Grant program into the Innovation Partnership Grant program. The new grant program is designed to continue supporting innovative/creative projects with the goal of enhancing the tradition of excellence in Aberdeen Public Schools. What has changed is the procedure educators and staff will follow. The new grant program encourages communication and collaboration within the schools and the district to fill innovative needs enhancing educational opportunities for students.

Instead of starting by filling out a lengthy application twice a year, teachers and staff will begin by discussing their innovative ideas with their principals any time during the year. Innovation Partnership Grant applicants are encouraged to seek matching funds from their principals, PTAs or other sources. The discussion proceeds to the district administration level before an application is filled out and submitted to the Innovation Partnership Grants committee (meets every other month) and the Foundation Board.


The Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation has created a new District Collaboration Grant program to provide financial support for the Aberdeen School District in areas that would benefit from supplementation over and above the annual budget. Funded projects will have a district-wide impact on a diverse population of students. The District Collaboration grants will award $10,000 annually, and will be matched by the Aberdeen School District, increasing the impact and influence of the program.

Questions? Contact the Foundation:
1224 3rd Street South
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Phone: 605-725-7118 Fax: 605-725-7198

Thanks to the generous support of our alumni and friends, the Foundation has awarded over $143,000 in Grants to support the students and staff of Aberdeen Public Schools!

District and Innovation Partnership Grant Summary by Academic Year:


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Hydroponic growing towers for new CHS greenhouse

Computer chairs, exercise bikes and under desk ellipticals for E-sports team
Total Awarded: $15,000


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Wireless mice and keyboards for Clevertouch Boards in elementary classrooms

Sound systems for Golden Eagles Arena and Golden Eagles Field
Total Awarded: $15,000


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Digital screen displays and scoreboards at Aberdeen Central High School
Total Awarded: $10,000


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Drone equipment and software for middle school Project Lead the Way classes
Total Awarded: $10,000


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Strider Bike program bikes and
Makerspace improvements and equipment for all elementary schools 
Total Awarded: $18,885


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Dallas Brass workshop and performance opportunity for CHS band students
Kardemimmit Finnish culture and music interactive presentations for all elementary schools
iPad keyboard classroom sets for K-5 at all elementary schools
AP Exam testing fees for low-income students
Total Awarded: $13,140


Recipient Programs or Projects:
3D Printer @ SMS for Project Lead the Way Engineering curriculum
The Forge - Epic Tunes Cast in Brass master classes for middle and high school music students
Prairie Pasque library books for elementary and middle school libraries
Project Lead the Way Computer Science curriculum for middle schools
Total Awarded: $13,800


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Critical Thinking games for Simmons Elementary
Library books for the new Mike Miller Elementary Library
Mark O'Connor residency for middle school orchestra students
Prairie Pasque library books for elementary and middle school libraries
Total Awarded: $20,685


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Rachel's Challenge presentation and curriculum at Central High School
Eight welders and benches for A-TEC at Central High School
Sound Fields for O.M. Tiffany Elementary
Total Awards: $12,780


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Document Cameras for Elementary classrooms
Artists in the School program - Lincoln Elementary
Total Awards: $10,500


Recipient Programs or Projects:
District Technology Department for wireless access points
Grade 6-12 Libraries for non-fiction e-books
Holgate Middle School for engines for Energy & Power unit of study
Middle School Orchestra - Honors Orchestra registration for Thrills and Trills competition
Total Awards: $11,568


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Video equipment for speech/debate students
Character Counts Education at HMS
Destination ImagiNation program support
Foreign Language Workshop
iPads for Holgate Middle School
Total Awards: $2,640


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Investigating Nuclear Decay at CHS
Promoting Literacy Through eReaders at CHS
First in Math
iPads for Lincoln Preschool
iPads for Simmons Middle School
Total Awards: $3,698


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Holgate and Simmons Middle School Orchestra Students' SDMEA Conference
Jill Eggleton Big Books at May Overby Elementary
Netbooks for 21st Century Classroom at Simmons Middle School
Interactive Document Camera for 6th grade math at Simmons Middle School
Study Island for 3rd-5th grades at Simmons Elementary School
Dewer Flask Science Equipment for Science Department at CHS
8th Grade Art Trip
Junior Achievement - Excelling Through Ethics
Total Awards: $5,173


Recipient Programs or Projects: American Indian Homework Night
Enhancing Skills Senteo Interactive Response System at Simmons Elementary
Lego Mindstorms Education NXT Base Sets and Software - Elementary & Middle School Challenge Program,
Eudiometers for Quantitative Gas Analysis in the Science Labs at CHS
Bronze Name Plate for Bass Reliefs at entrance of CHS (Student Senate)
Gyration Air Mice Technology for each of the schools in the District
Interactive Document Camera at CC Lee
Total Awards: $5,650


Recipient Programs or Projects: Computer Math Lab
Technology Enhancement at Simmons Elementary
American Indian Homework Night
CHS Outdoor Classroom
Destination ImagiNation
Digital Media/Discovery Streaming at CHS
Future Problem Solvers
National History Day Competition
Total Awards: $6,985


Recipient Programs or Projects:
Future Problem Solvers
National History Day Competition
Chess Club
Destination ImaginNation
Art Gallery Development at CHS
Total Awards: $3,600


Recipient Programs or Projects:Future Problem Solvers
National History Day Competition
Total Awards: $2,500