Aberdeen Public Schools substitute nurse Jen Schaunaman

ABERDEEN, S.D. – For Jen Schaunaman, working as a substitute nurse for Aberdeen Public Schools is a fun, flexible job that’s a great fit for her family. 

“This job fits well for me because it just lets me go to all of my kids’ things,” Schaunaman said. “I never have a problem saying yes because it's my fun job.” 

Schaunaman first said yes 12 years ago. An LPN, she previously worked in a nursing home, but was a stay-at-home mom at the time. Then Lincoln Elementary called—the school’s nurse was going on maternity leave. 

“They asked if I would be interested in subbing for her while she was gone,” Schaunaman said. 

She subbed for the last 2 ½ months of that school year. 

“And I kind of fell into it and have never left,” she said. 

Now 12 years later, “This is my fun job.” 

While Schaunaman also occasionally subs as a secretary and elementary librarian, she mostly subs as a nurse, and has filled in at every school in the district. 

Her favorite part of the job: Seeing the kids’ smiles when they stop down to visit with her. Sometimes all they need is a little TLC, an ice pack or a cracker—or sometimes a hug or a listening ear. 

“Knowing that you helped kids—helped them feel better—that’s the best part of the day,” Schaunaman said. 

Schaunaman also loves the flexibility, which allows her to attend all of her kids’ events. She gets to pick her hours and, for the most part, she knows in advance the days she will work. For example, she helps at health fairs in the fall and knows those dates in the spring. 

Schaunaman also likes the variety the job brings. 

“Every day is different,” she said. “It's never the same twice.” 

Best of all, she always feels welcome. 

“You don't ever walk into a building and not feel welcomed. Everyone is so happy to have you that day,” she said. “You always feel like you got this pat on the back and that you are so appreciated when you come to work.” 

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If you have a nursing degree and would like to apply to be a substitute nurse with the Aberdeen Public School District, please visit aberdeen.k12.sd.us/page/employment

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